A revolution in the industry - When the ice melts, players do not have to worry about it !
Newron offers the hockey player the same stride on a hard surface as on ice. Thanks to wheels mounted in pairs on a light frame with suspension, this facilitates fast departures with the toe kick and imitating perfect cross overs, the skate Newron is a revolutionary product.
For years, the pros and cons of inline skating have been intensely discussed among hockey professionals. The “roller-stride” is a common term used to describe the detrimental effects to an inline player switching over to hockey. A “roller-stride” can’t execute the toe kick with efficiency and the result is to avoid a significant part of the stride extension. Inline players have slower acceleration, less extension and shorter recovery on their strides. The one positive element of inline hockey is that skating flow is increased (not losing speed when changing direction). Since a player can’t break similarly to a stop on the ice, changing direction needs to utilize a perfect turn or forward to backward sidestep. The Newron Skate increases the execution of these movements while eliminating all negative effects of inline skating to a hockey player.
The Newron inline technology offers similar executions as of a ice skate therefore eliminating all negative effects for the player and offers the same feeling of a ice skate, without the detrimental effect from switching from regular inline technology to ice skates.